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2009年 12月 09日

HONDA CR-Zのリーク情報



We just received the following email from one of our followers in Japan. Contained within are a number of photos of the official CR-Z Brochure, which were posted on various Japanese websites.

From what we can see, here are some of the specs:
Length: 4080 mm (160.6 in.)
Width: 1740 mm (68.5 in.)
Height: 1395 mm (54.9 in.)
Wheelbase: 2435 mm (95.9 in.)

Engine: 1.5L i-VTEC + IMA
Transmission: 6MT or CVT
Power (ICE): 114ps@6000RPM
Torque (ICE): 145 NM (107 lb-ft)@4800RPM
Power (IMA): 14ps@1500RPM
Torque (IMA): 78 NM (57 lb-ft)@1000RPM
0-100km/hr (0-62mph): 9.7 sec

Also notice the emphasis of LED lighting - in addition to the typical wing mirror indicators, it appears that the CR-Z will feature LED running lamps in the headlight cluster (pic 4).

UPDATE: In the comments below aznstuart has pointed out that the chart in pic 8 seems to indicate that the CR-Z will be offered in two versions, alpha and beta, with the alpha version apparently being a non-hybrid. . Upon taking a second look at the chart, it appears that while there will be alpha and beta trim levels, all trim levels will feature the IMA system (thanks danielgr).
グレードは、αとΒがよういされるようで昔なつかしいTOYOTA サイノスのグレードみたいです。
個人的には、SiRとかのグレード名にして欲しかったなぁ σ(^◇^;)


なんにせよ、早く運転席に座って エンジン掛けて! 走ってみたいですね!!!

Leaked: Official Japanese Brochure for CR-Z!

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